Witch Head Template

There are many fun ways your kids can use this witch head template to make all kinds of crafts. They can make a curly hair witch, where the hair is made from paper. Or they can draw in the hair or use a slew of other materials at their disposal (we recommend old newspaper).

There are two sizes of this template available and it comes both as a precolored witch (with green skin) as well as black and white outlines that can be colored in.

We also included a black-and-white page with dashed lines that mark the cut lines to make the paper strips. Print this sheet on colored paper.

In order to make the curly hair witch, all your kids need to do is twist and twirl the paper to create those lovely curls or make her hair come alive with some zig-zag folding magic. For other hairstyles, let the imagination be their guide.

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Curly Paper Witch

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