Printable Halloween Paper Bracelets

Printable Halloween Bracelets

It’s trick or treat time! This fun printable Halloween paper bracelets will be a hit at your classroom Halloween party or a great after school project to do with your kids at home.

The whole set has 8 characters – a vampire, a witch, a ghost, Frankenstein’s monster, bat, black cat, a jack o lantern and a pumpkin. All of the characters come in both full color and in black and white templates that kids can color in themselves. Instructions included.

A great Halloween activity to do with kids and a fun party favor if you are throwing a Halloween party for the kids. cPrintable Halloween Bracelets for Kids to Make

Pumpkin Craft Template – Design a Jack-o-Lantern

Pumpkin Craft Template

This simple craftivity is a great project that can be incorporated in your fall, Halloween or pumpkin lesson plan.

When on your next nature walk, gather different kinds of leaves with the kids (a wonderful opportunity to talk about different kinds of trees and their leaves). Preserve the leaves by placing them between sheets of paper and letting them dry.

Once the leaves are dry, they are ready to be used in crafts.

This pumpkin craft template focuses on scissor skills and creativity if done as a Jack-o-Lantern. It can also be used in a Halloween lesson about emotions.

Pumpkin Craft Template for Kids - design your Jack-o-lantern

Halloween Color by Number

Halloween Color by Number

Color by number worksheets are great for number recognition or to scare away boredom.

This set of Halloween color by number worksheets includes two fun designs and numbers from 1 to 5 which makes them great for younger kids too .

They are great as a handout for your Halloween classroom party (kindergarten aged kids are a good age group for these). The images are well hidden, once colored a smiling vampire and a Jack – o -lantern will uncover.

Halloween Color by Number

Printable Frankenstein Paper Bracelet

Frankenstein Paper Bracelet

Frankenstein created the Frankenstein’s monster and although that particular monster looked pretty scary that can not be said for this wonderful set of Printable Frankenstein Paper Bracelet. These are a great Halloween craft for kids to make, either at school or at home.

The bracelet template comes in two sizes so it’s suitable for a large age span of children. It comes in both pre-colored and black and white version for kids to color in.

Printable Frankenstein Paper Bracelet

Printable Ghost Paper Bracelet

Ghost Paper Bracelet

Throwing a Halloween classroom party or just want a fun little project to do with your kids at home. Print our ghost paper bracelet and make this easy craft.

This printable template comes in two sizes, so it’s suitable for many ages. Both color and black and white version available too.

Printable Ghost Paper Bracelet

Printable Bat Paper Bracelet

An easy bat printable craft – perfect for a Halloween crafting session or a project just for fun at any other time of the year.

The printable bat paper bracelet comes in two sizes so it’s a suitable project for many ages. Bot sizes come both in black and white version that kids can color in themselves as well as full color version (no prep – ready to go).

No glue required to assemble this bracelets and they can be used over and over again.

Halloween Printable Bat Paper Bracelet

Pumpkin Number Mats – Numbers 1 to 10

Pumpkin Number Mats - learning the numbers from 1 to 10

These printable number mats can be either used as play dough mats (or to be used with erasers or other small objects) or as worksheets (handy ink saving black and white version being perfect for that).

They are great for reinforcing number sense and fine motor skills if used with play dough. The goal is to build the number on a ten frame, trace the number on the writing line, write the numbers from 1 to 10 independently and to read o numbers.

We do recommend laminating these mats so that they can be used multiple times.

Printable Number Mats perfect for fall and Halloween

Printable Halloween Puppets

Halloween Puppets

Set of 4 printable Halloween puppets – Jack-o-lantern, vampire, skeleton and witch. Full color and black and white version.

These are best printed on heavier print paper or construction paper but regular print paper will work out well too.

Easy, no prep craft that is perfect for classroom setting and will make your classroom Halloween party a hit. Preschoolers and kindergarteners love them (especially the jack-o-lantern and vampire with it’s fangs). Great for crafting and dramatic play. You can also combine them with one or more of our other printable paper hand puppets.

Printable Halloween Puppets

Halloween Paper Chain Template

Did you make paper chains when you were a kid? They are so much fun to make.

This printable Halloween paper chain template makes things even more fun, as it will help your kids create a wonderful Halloween decoration. Each of the 6 Jack o Lanterns have their own expression.

Print the template on orange print paper, have the kids cut along the dashed lines and the chain making can begin.

Printable Halloween Paper Chain

Halloween Dot to Dot Numbers to 30

Just for fun or to practice counting from 1 to 30, print these Halloween dot to dot worksheets.

Two easy connect the dots, with Halloween motives will help reinforce counting skills, making them perfect for kindergarten aged kids.

Once the dots are connected, the first image revealed will show a pair of Jack-p-Lanterns, one on top of the other and the second one a happy, friendly bat.

Halloween Printable Masks Templates

Printable Halloween Masks

Are you ready for a fun Halloween party? These printable Halloween masks will be a hit.

Print on heavier print paper, cut out eyes and punch holes for the string. Thread elastic string through the holes on the side and the masks are ready to go.

These are available both pre-colored and in black and white for kids to color in themselves.

Characters included: witch, bat, cat, Frankenstein’s monster, vampire, Jack-o-lantern.

Printable Halloween Masks

Printable Halloween Play Dough Mats

Printable Halloween Play Dough Mats

A wonderful set of printable Halloween mats for kids. 12 creative designs that challenge the kids to create the missing elements – design a hat for the witch, make a face for the Jack-o-lantern, make legs for the spider and many more.

Print, laminate and give your kids to get creative with.

Most of the designs can also be used with dry erase markers.

Great for fine motor practice for toddlers, preschool and kids in kindergarten.

Printable Halloween Play Dough Mats