Silly Bunny and Chick Coloring Pages

Silly Bunny and Chick Coloring Pages

These silly bunny and chick coloring pages are perfect for younger and older children.

In this set, your kids will get to color two bunnies and two chicks. One of the bunnies is supper happy to have his carrot while to other one is just adorably sitting. The two chicks are also a delight to color.

These can be used at any time of the year or they can be fun Easter coloring pages.

Silly Bunny and Chick Coloring Pages - great for Easter

Easter Activity Sheets

This fun set of easter printables for kids is geared towards preschool and kindergarten. This set is perfect to give the kids during the holiday weekend as a boredom buster or as homework.



Movable Toy Bunny Paper Craft

Let this paper toy bunny wiggle his or her ears as the kids pull the paper strips.

Such a great project to do with the kids in the classroom or at home (it makes a great Easter craft).

Black and white craft template + printable instructions.

Movable Ears Bunny Easter Craft for Kids

Baby Chick Drawing Guide – How to Draw

Print out these baby chick directed drawing instructions and have your students or kids learn how to draw a chick.

With just a few easy steps to follow, they will be drawing their own baby chick in no time.

Egg Friends Easter Coloring Pages

Bring out the pastel colored crayons or markers and color these fun Egg Friends Easter coloring pages.

3 large eggs as well as egg shaped bunny, chick and sheep are just waiting to be colored.

These fun coloring pages can also be turned into a fun Easter banner.

Easter Coloring Pages

Printable Easter Egg Paper Toy

Easter Egg Paper Toy

Ready for the cutest Easter craft of the season? This magic Easter egg paper toy is made to impress, flip it around and watch different characters appear as you turn the “pages”.

Both black and white version for kids to color and pre-colored version is included in the set.

How to make it? Print out the sheet, have the kids color in the designs (3 Easter eggs, chick, bunny and a sheep). Let them cut out the egg shapes. Next they will fold them along the designated fold line, with the design on the inside. Apply glue on the outside and glue the halves together interchanging the animals and eggs. Glue the last two together and you are done.

Simple instructions included on the printable sheet.

Printable Easter Egg Paper Toy - fun interactive Easter Craft for Kids

3D Bunny Paper Card

3D Easter Bunny Card

Make your Easter card really stand out by making this 3D Bunny paper card.

This Easter craft idea is great both for home and for the classroom. This is a “one page” craft, with all the parts necessary to create this card being on one page (card base included). Kids can use the parts as stencils or color them in (or a combination of both).

Printable instructions are included.

Make someone’s day by giving them this adorable Easter bunny craft.

Bunny Card Instructions

Make someone’s day by giving them this adorable Easter bunny craft.

Easter Bunny 3D Card

Printable Easter Activity Book

Easter Quiet Book Basic Skills

Learn with the Easter creatures and Easter eggs! Print this Easter activity book and use it on it’s own or combine it with any other of our fun learning activity books (spring activity book as well as bugs busy book is a perfect pair). When it comes to preschool and kindergarten learning activities quiet books are a welcomed addition.

Your preschooler, kindergartener or even toddler will be able to work on many different skills in this fun set.

Skills include: colors with bunny tails, shapes with silly chicks, counting to 10, number sense , patterns, addition within 10, bunny emotions and a bunny toy.

Printable Easter Quiet Book

Bunny and Chick Clothespin Puppets

This set of bunnies and chicks clothespin puppets is perfect for spring.

There are 2 fun bunny designs as well as 2 adorable chick designs in this set, both in black and white and full color.

These are quick to assemble which makes them a great craft project for larger groups. All you need to do is print them, color them if you opt for the black and white version, cut them out and stick them on a clothespin (we recommend a wooden one). Step by step instructions are included.

Great as an Easter craft or whenever you feel like playing with bunnies and chicks.

Printable Bunny and Chick Clothespin Puppets - craft for kids

Movable Chick Paper Doll Template

This fun chick puppet is a great Easter craft. You can either make it as a chick only version or add an decorated Easter egg to make it more festive.

Simple printable instructions are included.

Chick Doll

Surprise Easter Eggs Craft

This Easter craft will bring out the giggles.

It’s a simple one page template, that takes a simple coloring page to a whole new level. Coloring in all the details, cut and assemble.

There are 3 cute designs included in this set – a cute little chick craft, a bunny craft and a sheep craft.

On top of that there is also a blank egg, where kids can either draw their own characters or they can stick in a photo of themselves for a great Easter greeting card for their parents and other family members.

No prep Easter activity.

Easter Egg Surprise Craft

Easter Agamograph

This fun easter craft is one of the best boredom busters. Have the kids color in their agamographs, fold them and enjoy the images changing.

This Easter agamograph features an Easter bunny as well as a basket full of Easter eggs.

Bunny Card Easter Craft Template

Bunny Card Template

This cotton ball bunny card has to be one of the most adorable Easter crafts ever. This bunny craft is great to make in the classroom or at your home and it will make a great gift for family members.

Print the template (both PDF template, as well as PNG image that can be placed into PowerPoint, Word or other software where you can add photos inside the bunny’s head before printing available), fill with cotton balls or tissue paper, decorate and gift.

Easter Bunny Card Printable Template

Origami Bunny

Printable origami paper + folding diagram. Fun Easter craft for kids.