Printable Pirate Mask Template

Ahoy matey! Time to be a pirate! Celebrate the Talk like a pirate day (September 19) with these pirate masks or use them at any other time of the year as pirates are always fun, arrr.

Female pirate and male pirate are included in this set. Both female and male pirate masks come in full color with a couple of different skin tones to choose from as well as a black and white coloring page pirate mask that kids can color in by themselves. Eye patch can be drawn on the mask too to make it even cooler.

Printable Bookworm Mask Template

This Printable Bookworm Mask Template is a great activity to welcome your kids back to school. If you need a no prep back to school craft, this one is certainly it.

This educated little worm is also great at the end of the school year.

The mask comes both as a full color mask and as a bookworm coloring page mask template that kids can color in how they see fit. Make the worm green, blue, red, yellow or any other color that the kids deem it to be.

Printable Bookworm Mask Template

Printable Flamingo Mask Template

Flamingos are one of the most amazing birds out there aren’t they? They certainly are pretty.

This bird mask will transform your kids into flamingos, which will make learning about or discussing things about these animals fun.

Where to they live? Why are they pink? Can they fly? Are baby flamingos pink? There are many questions that can be asked (and answered) while you’re wearing a flamingo mask.

Printable Flamingo Mask Template

Printable Ice Cream Mask Template

Do you know someone who does not like ice cream? We sure don’t!

This fun printable ice cream mask template is great to use during the summer months – let your kids transform themselves into ice creams and talk about this delicious desert. What tastes would they be if they were ice cream? What kind of toppings would they have. Would they taste the best?

Printable Ice Cream Mask Template

Printable Mermaid Mask Template

Where would you swim and which ocean animals would be your friends if you were a mermaid? These and many other cool questions and discussion can be had once your print out this adorable Printable Mermaid Mask Template.

This mermaid mask comes in full color (with a variety of skin tones included) as well as a coloring page mask that kids can decorate on their own. We absolutely love the black and white one as it really allows the kids to customize the mermaid to make it the most awesome it can be.

Printable Mermaid Mask Template

Printable Garlic Mask Template

Why not become a garlic for a day! With our printable garlic mask template anything is possible.

This fun vegetable mask can be used to spark up a conversation about this strong odour veggie. You can talk about the fun facts, have the kids talk about where and how we use garlic and so much more.

Printable Prince and Princess Mask Template

Every good kingdom needs a prince and a princess (besides kings and queens) and these fun prince and princess masks will transform your little learners into royalty.

This set of princess and prince masks comes both in full color, with a vairiety of skin tones for each of the masks as well as a black and white coloring page mask template. With the coloring page masks, kids can decorate their own masks however they see fit.

Printable Tooth Mask Template

It doesn’t even have to be dental health month for your kids to enjoy this cool tooth mask. Spreading awareness about dental health and encouraging kids to love washing their teeth is something that should be done all year long!

This mask comes in full color as well as in black and white where kids get to decorate the tooth by themselves (they can even add a cavity or two ;).

Printable Tooth Mask Template

Printable King and Queen Mask Template

Are you ready to become the ruler of the kingdom? With this printable king mask and queen mask things become easy peasy!

Both queen and king masks come in full color (a variety of different skin tones is included) as well as in black and white king and queen coloring page mask that kids can color in by themselves. Coloring the crown should be especially fun – have the kids make it really stand out.

Printable Knight Mask Template

Save the damsel or a lad in distress by defeating the mighty dragon or any other foe. Making this is super easy once you put on this Printable Knight Mask Template.

This knight mask comes as a black and white coloring page mask that kids can color in themselves – nothing beats designing your own helmet. It’s also available as a full color knight mask in a variety of skin tones.

Printable Mail Carrier Mask Template

Letters, cards and packages – none of these would be at your dorstep or in your mailbox if it weren’t for the mailman / postal worker. This community worker mask is all about the postal worker. It can spark wonderful conversations about what mail carriers and postal workers do and why they are, even in the time of emails, still so important in our community.

The masks include both black and white version to color as well as full color mail carrier masks in a variety of skin tones.

Printable Police Officer Mask Template

Printable Police Officer Mask Template will have your kids keep an eye on law and order. This community worker masks is great to spark up a debate about what policeman and policewomen do. Let your kids pretend play to be police officers and have them talk about all the duties the police has.

Would your students like to be police officers when they grow up? What kind of qualities do you need to have in order to be a police officer. So many fun things that can be discussed.

These community helper masks come both as black and white masks to color as well as full color masks in a variety of skin tones.

Printable Police Officer Mask Template (1)

Printable Nurse Mask Template

Print out these nurse community workers masks and let your kids explore this fun (and challenging) occupation.

Nurses are life saviours (along with other healthcare providers) so if your kids want to become a nurse when they grow up, it’s something really admirable.

These masks come as coloring page masks as well as full color masks in a variety of skin tones.

Printable Nurse Mask Template

Printable Apple Mask Template

Print out this fruit mask and let your kids walk around like apples! This mask is great to use to great the kids back to school or for when you are learning about fruits and vegetables.

Both full color mask and black and white apple coloring page mask template are included, the later kids can color in or decorate all by themselves.

The mask works best when printed on heavier print paper.

Printable Apple Mask Template (1)

Printable Firefighter Mask Template

These community worker masks will delight every firefighter fan. If your girls want to become firefighters and boys fireman these firefighter masks will bring a smile on their faces.

Both male and female firefighter mask included. The black and white coloring page firefighter mask can be colored in by kids themselves while the full color masks are “ready to go” (multiple skintones available).

Let your kids pretend play to be firefighters with these masks or learn all the cool stuff about this very important occupation.

Printable Grapes Mask Template

Grapes are a wonderful fruit and if your kids are just learning about them, make the learning experience more fun by adding this mask to the lesson.

Have the kids put on a show, let them transform themselves into a grape and tell all the cool grape facts they know. Where do grapes grow? What do we use them for? Do they like grapes? How about grape juice. There are many wonderful and educational conversations that can be had.

Printable Grapes Mask Template

Printable Construction Worker Mask Template

This set of community helpers masks will turn your kids into construction workers. Both female and male construction worker are included in this set and the mask come both in black and white as well as full color (variety of skin tones included).

Construction workers really are important for the community, without them we wouldn’t have nice homes, apartment buildings, shops, roads and so much more.

Print out these masks and encourage kids to discuss this important occupation.

Printable Construction Worker Mask Template

Printable Banana Mask Template

Who wants to become a banana or two? This funky printable fruit mask will get your kids walking and talking like bananas – how exactly this looks like we leave entirely up to your kids.

This printable banana mask is a wonderful addition to fruits and vegetables unit, print the full color one or the black and white coloring page banana mask template.

Works best when printed on heavier print paper or cardstock.

Printable Banana Mask Template